Image Name Role Expertise Contact
Carson Andorf Computational Biologist Genomics, maize diversity, bioinformatics, tool development
Ethy Cannon Software engineer & bioinformatician POPcorn project, genome assembly stewardship, coordination across genome data portals
Kyoung Cho Graduate Student Interface development, machine learning
Mandy Dietze Student Curator Genetics, genomics, phenotypes, cell biology
Jack Gardiner Curator Microarrays, RNA-Seq, gene expression, physical and genetic mapping, epigenetics, podcasts
Lisa Harper Curator & outreach coordinator Plant development, phenotypes, meiosis, cell biology, cytogenetics, outreach
John Portwood IT-Specialist Website/Database/Systems Administration, tool development
Mary Schaeffer Curator Emeritus Functional annotation and ontologies; phenotypic variations; metabolic networks; genetic and physical maps.
Jesse Walsh Postdoc Bioinformatics, metabolic pathways, tool development
Margaret Woodhouse Curator Bioinformatics, genome curation.

MaizeGDB Working Group

Alice Barkan
Qunfeng Dong
David Jackson
Thomas Lubberstedt
Eric Lyons
Adam Phillippy (Chair)
Marty Sachs*
Mark Settles
Nathan Springer

* These close collaborators serve in an ex officio capacity on the Working Group.