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Information about assembly B73 RefGen_v2    (also known as AGPv2, B73 RefGen_v2)
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Genome Sequencing Project Information

   Improvements to the v1 BAC by BAC sequencing and assembly of the B73 genome.
   GenBank BioProject   PRJNA10769  
   Project PI   Doreen Ware
   Release date   2010
   Changes to previous version   Improvements to order and orientation of within-BAC contigs using the minimum tiling path (MPT).
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Stock and Biosample Information

Stock information
   Stock name   Coe PI 550473
   Stock record   47638
   Stock details   Coe PI 550473
Biosample information
   GenBank BioSample   SAMN02981394  
   Sample description   The source for the inbred line B73 used to make the BAC libraries that were sequenced is available from the North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station through the U.S. National Plant Germplasm System under the accession PI 550473. When requesting seed from the North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station, ask for any lot descended from the Coe PI 550473 lines.

Sequencing and Assembly Information

   Assembly name   B73 RefGen_v2
   WGS accession  
   Sequencing description   Sequencing technologies: Sanger
   Assembly description   Assembly methods: phredPhrap v. 2009 and ABySS v. 1.2.7
Construction of pseudomolecules: Map-based order and orientation of a BAC tiling path.
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   Release date   2010
   Sequencing method   Sanger
   Finishing strategy   Complete genome
   Genome coverage   n/a (mostly re-ordering/addition of contigs/fosmids)
Assembly statistics
A contig is a contiguous consensus sequence that is derived from a collection of overlapping reads.
A scaffold is set of a ordered and orientated contigs that are linked to one another by mate pairs of sequencing reads.


   Annotation Identifier   5b