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Information about assembly Zm-CML247-REFERENCE-PANZEA-1.1    (also known as CML247)
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Genome Sequencing Project Information

   Genome assembly of tropical maize inbred line CML247. The genome is sequenced using Illumina HiSeq and MiSeq with depth of 130X. For CML247, also see
   GenBank BioProject   PRJNA396542  
   Project PI   Fei Lu, Edward Buckler
   Project start date   2014
   Release date   10/24/2017
   Data download
   Publication status   published
Project reference High-resolution genetic mapping of maize pan-genome sequence anchors. Lu F, Romay MC, Glaubitz JC, Bradbury PJ, Elshire RJ, Wang T, Li Y, Li Y, Semagn K, Zhang X, Hernandez AG, Mikel MA, Soifer I, Barad O, Buckler ES
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Stock and Biosample Information

Stock information
   Stock name   PI 674445
   Stock record   105100
   Stock details   PI 674445
   Stock provided by   Ithaca, NY 14850
Biosample information
   GenBank BioSample   SAMN07427883  
   Collection date   2006
   Collected by   Genomic Diversity, Institute of Biotechnology, Cornell University
   Plant structure   PO:0000003
   Developmental stage   Seedling

Sequencing and Assembly Information

   Assembly name   Zm-CML247-REFERENCE-PANZEA-1.1
   WGS accession   NWUM00000000
   Sequencing description   Sequence service provider: Library Prep by University of Illinois / Sequenced by Cornell University
Sequencing technologies: Illumina HiSeq2500, Illumina MiSeq
Sequencing method: Illumina HiSeq2500, Illumina MiSeq
   Assembly description   Assembly methods: DenovoMAGIC
Construction of pseudomolecules: Scaffolds were ordered and oriented
Scaffolds were aligned using the assembly Zm-B73-REFERENCE-GRAMENE-4.0.
   Data download
   Release date   10/24/2017
   Sequencing method   Illumina HiSeq2500, Illumina MiSeq
   Finishing strategy   Complete genome
   Genome coverage   130x
Assembly statistics
   N50 contig length   39,757 bp
   N50 contig count   16,302
The length of contig which takes the sum length (summing from longest to shortest contig) past 50% of the total assembly size.
How many contig are counted in reaching the N50 threshold.
A contig is a contiguous consensus sequence that is derived from a collection of overlapping reads.
A scaffold is set of a ordered and orientated contigs that are linked to one another by mate pairs of sequencing reads.


   Annotation Identifier   Zm00006b.1