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Information about assembly Zx-PI566673-REFERENCE-YAN-1.0    (also known as Zea mexicana)
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Genome Sequencing Project Information

   The draft genome of Zea mays ssp. mexicana, PI 566673 was resequenced using PacBio Single Molecule Real-Time technology and Illumina HiSeq 2000.
   GenBank BioProject   PRJNA299874  
   Project PI   Jianbing Yan
   Project start date   2014
   Release date   'Nov, 2017
   Browse Genome   Genome browser at MaizeGDB
   Publication status   Published
Project reference Contributions of Zea mays subspecies mexicana haplotypes to modern maize.. Ning Yang, Xi-Wen Xu, Rui-Ru Wang, Wen-Lei Peng, Lichun Cai, Jia-Ming Song, Wenqiang Li, Xin Luo, Luyao Niu, Yuebin Wang, Min Jin, Lu Chen, Jingyun Luo, Min Deng, Long Wang, Qingchun Pan, Feng Liu, David Jackson, Xiaohong Yang, Ling-Ling Chen, Jianbing Yan

Stock and Biosample Information

Stock information
   Stock name   PI 566673
   Stock details   PI 566673
   Stock provided by   Huazhong Agricultrual University
Biosample information
   GenBank BioSample   SAMN04216961  
   Sample description   TM population are planted in Sanya, Hainan. The leaf of seedlings are collected
   Collection date   2014
   Collected by   Dr. Wenqiang Li
   Plant structure   leaf of seedlings

Sequencing and Assembly Information

   Assembly name   Zx-PI566673-REFERENCE-YAN-1.0
   WGS accession   LMVA00000000
   Sequencing description   Sequencing technologies: Illumina, Pacific Biosciences
Sequencing method: PacBio Single Molecule Real-Time sequencing, Hiseq 2000
   Assembly description   Assembly methods: DenovoMAGIC 2
Construction of pseudomolecules: By genetic map
   Browse Genome   Genome browser at MaizeGDB
   Release date   'Nov, 2017
   Sequencing method   Illumina, Pacific Biosciences
   Finishing strategy   Complete genome, >120X coverage
   Genome coverage   >120X
Assembly statistics
   Scaff num   107,418
   Total scaff length   1,204,281,382 bp
   Longest scaff   26,384,332 bp
   Shortest scaff   500 bp
   N50 scaff length   107,689 bp
   N50 contig length   26,638 bp
Total number of scaffolds in assembly.
Total sequence length represented by scaffolds.
Longest scaffold in assembly.
Shortest scaffold in assembly.
The length of scaffold which takes the sum length (summing from longest to shortest scaffold) past 50% of the total assembly size.
The length of contig which takes the sum length (summing from longest to shortest contig) past 50% of the total assembly size.
A contig is a contiguous consensus sequence that is derived from a collection of overlapping reads.
A scaffold is set of a ordered and orientated contigs that are linked to one another by mate pairs of sequencing reads.


   Annotation Identifier   Zx00001a.1