Due to the lapse in funding in the federal government, MaizeGDB will be available only for informational purposes by non-federal employees. Until further notice, the website and community database will not be updated or maintained, and MaizeGDB staff will be unable to respond to feedback or emails.

Maize BioNet

Maize BioNet

To see all past messages and to post via WWW send-mail, the maize newsgroup can be accessed at the bulletin board (http://www.bio.net/bionet/mm/maize/). Archived messages are accessible to both searching and browsing.

What is Maize bio.net?

Maize bio.net is a forum to facilitate communication and interaction among researchers, educators, students, producers, specialists, and all others with an interest in maize (Zea mays L.). Discussion/inquiries include anatomy, breeding, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, origin/evolution, ethnobotany, germplasm, production and utilization of maize and will thereby allow more rapid progress in research involving maize science and corn production. It is a forum for discussions of problems, old and new ideas, journal publications, and recent developments in maize research. The newsgroup also provides sources of practical advice, methodologies, answers to frequently asked questions concerning understanding of the biology and uses of maize and techniques used in maize research, and availability of unique resources for research with maize (e.g., antibodies, cDNA clones, primers and gene sequences, DNA libraries, mutants, genetic stocks and other germplasm, mapping, databases, etc.). The newsgroup also serves as a bulletin board for announcements of meetings, conferences, job opportunities, and funding sources of interest to basic and applied biologists studying maize.


The Maize bio.net bulletin board is moderated by two volunteers: Drs. Marty Sachs and Ricardo Salvador; the purpose of moderation is to prevent irrelevant postings. Access to the bulletin board is by subscription, and/or reading the archive (see above). Anyone may post a message on the bulletin board; see Maize Charter for more information.

1. TO SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE to the bionet.maize newsgroup e-mail server, simply go to http://www.bio.net/bionet/mm/maize/ 2.TO POST NEW MESSAGES, address them to maize@net.bio.net (note this address should be used only for posting new messages). 3. IF YOU READ USENET-NEWS, bionet.maize should be listed as one of your choices. You can read articles and post new messages using your favorite net-news reader.