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POPcorn: PrOject Portal for corn

Welcome to POPcorn


The Project Portal for corn provides a single point of access for maize researchers by providing a searchable database of maize projects and resources, and by enabling researchers to retrieve data from multiple sources with one sequence query.

What you can do with POPcorn (shortcuts)

Input your sequence (raw, FASTA, Genbank accessions, or GI #s):    sample sequence
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Amino acids
Or upload a FASTA file:
No longer updated due to resource constraints. We recommend using BLAST instead.
BLAST against multiple data sets at: Customized searches starting with sequence:
NCBI, MaizeGDB, PlantGDB, Grassius, PLEXdb, DFCI Gene Indices and more
  • Insertional mutants and seed stock (Ac/Ds, TILLING, UniformMu, ...)
  • Transcription factors from Grassius
  • Loci and phenotypes associated with sequence
  • and more