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Search by Sequence is no longer updated due to resource constraints. We recommend using BLAST instead.
Search for one or more specific types of information associated with a sequence. You can learn more here. Queries can contain up to 5 sequences of up to 10,000 total length. If the data types you are looking for aren't provided in the form below, try POPcorn BLAST.

Some types of searches may take several minutes to complete.

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Gene models
B73 RefGen_v1 Filtered Gene Set 4a.53 info
B73 RefGen_v1 Working Gene Set 4a.53 info
B73 RefGen_v2 Filtered Gene Set 5b.60 info
B73 RefGen_v2 Working Gene Set 5a.59 info
B73 RefGen_v3 Gene Set 5b+ info

Genome browsers
B73 RefGen_v2 at MaizeGDB info
B73 RefGen_v2 in CViT info
B73 RefGen_v3 at MaizeGDB info info
Phytozome info
PlantGDB info  

Mutant seed stock
Ac/Ds info
Mu Illumina insertions info
Seed stock via locus info
UniformMu info

Transposable Elements info

Transcript assemblies info
Transcription factors info
Locus names info
Phenotypes info
Publication info  
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Overview of BLAST

Basic Local Alignment Search Tool, or BLAST, is an algorithm for comparing similarity in biological sequences. It operates on such sequences as the sequence of amino acids in proteins or the sequence of nucleotides of DNA or RNA molecules.

Learn more about BLAST here.

The BLAST home page is here.