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Editorial Board Picks These papers were selected by the MaizeGDB editorial board as papers of interest to maize researchers!

Maize Newsletters: An online archive of maize newsletters is available.

Simple Reference Search: Search hand-curated references at MaizeGDB. This search form allows you to just enter basic info (such as the last name of the primary author, or a portion of the title) to quickly retrieve the desired reference.

(see a sample reference search)

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The above sample search would detect papers by Walbot discussing Mutator. Other interesting searches include Chandler transposable elements, sh1, or countless others.

This search can be executed on every page on the site by utilizing the form in the upper right corner. Choose "reference" from the drop-down menu, enter your search term in the field, and hit return to find the reference you're looking for.

PubMed Search: We spend time actively curating our references, relating them to author records and in many cases extracting data from the references. Thus, we may not have the most recent references for a given topic. To help you with this need, you can use the form below to search PubMed. Or use PubMed's advanced search.

Reference Abstract Search: This search allows you to dig through the hand-curated reference abstracts for a particular set of terms you might be interested in; the search will find all of the papers with abstracts containing the terms. Try the sample search below to see the results one might get.

(see a sample reference abstract search)

You can also find literature related to maize diversity data at PANZEA.

Reference Advanced Search

Below, you can enter criteria for complex searches through the hand-curated references stored in MaizeGDB.

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Discussion of Reference Data for the General Public

Reference data provides the background for much of the information stored in this site. References provide hard documentation for the facts presented here, and allow interested parties to dig deeper into a particular topic of interest. Most records on the site have linkages to reference data.

References at MaizeGDB
MaizeGDB maintains a set of hand-curated references. These include all papers recommended by the editoral board.

For a more thorough literature search, you can use the PubMed provided on the left, or try literature search engines such as Google Scholar.

If you wish to annotate a locus or gene model with your reference, please use the annotation tools on those pages. If we need to add your reference to MaizeGDB, please contact us.