Due to the lapse in funding in the federal government, MaizeGDB will be available only for informational purposes by non-federal employees. Until further notice, the website and community database will not be updated or maintained, and MaizeGDB staff will be unable to respond to feedback or emails.

Probe/Molecular Marker Data In MaizeGDB

Specific information is available on BACs, ESTs, overgos, and SSRs.

Simple Probe Search

This search form allows you to just enter a name or partial name to quickly retrieve the desired probe.

(see a sample probe query)

    (upper limit on results is 2,000 records)

The above search will find myb-related probes. Another interesting search is csh, which will find probes developed at Cold Spring Harbor.

This search can be executed on every page on the site by utilizing the form in the upper right corner. Choose "probe" from the drop-down menu, enter your search term in the field, and hit return to find the probe you're looking for.

You might also be interested in visually browsing our gel patterns.

Overview of Probe Data

Currently, the probe data set contains a mix of both probe and sequence information. Within this set of data you can find:

+ SSRs
+ Overgos
+ ESTs
+ BAC clones
+ non-EST cDNAs
+ DNA probes
+ genomic DNA
+ MITEs (miniature inverted repeat transposable elements) (see all MITEs)

+ YACs (yeast artificial chromosomes) (see all YACs)
... and a small assortment of other types.

ESTs, BACs, SSRs, and Overgos can be searched specifically through their respective search pages.

Discussion of Probe/Molecular Marker Data for the General Public